• Peter Lewis political cartoonist.

    Having a party or special occasion? Invite award-winning newspaper cartoonist Peter Lewis!

  • Peter Lewis portrait artist.

    Peter Lewis's editorial cartoons have been making politicians smile at themselves since 1986.

  • Peter Lewis cartoonist.

    Peter is one of Australia's leading live portrait and caricature artists.

  • Peter Lewis caricaturist.

    Peter can capture a realistic likeness in minutes

  • Peter Lewis humourist.

    ... or humorous caricatures in any theme.

  • Peter Lewis humourist.

    Peter's caricatures combine fine art with fun art.

Welcome to Lewis Eye-Opening Art

Need an experienced live caricaturist who can work quickly? A leading portrait artist who can render stunning likenesses of your function guests that are so good they'll want to get them framed? Want to liven up your wedding reception with something different? Make your birthday party special or enhance your corporate Christmas function with entertainment by a professional artist. Peter Lewis is an award-winning newspaper cartoonist, experienced public speaker and fine artist with a unique ability to capture the essence of a person with just a few lines on paper. Contact Peter Lewis today.

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Happy Couples

Double portraits work best when combined with a mutual interest.

Watch Peter draw

See Peter Lewis in action at various events.

Portraits in Colour

Peter Lewis's fine art techniques create high quality caricatures.

Featured Live Caricatures & Portraits